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You may have ended up here because your door isn’t looking – sounding – too good. It may be squeaking all over the place, scraping the floor, with a couple of unscrewed hinges and missing frames. Maybe your automatic door has finally broken down for good, or you’re worried that your entrance might not be ADA compliant. The hassle of DIY might have even left your thoughts.

Now, you end up searching for a trusted commercial door repair company in Chandler, AZ that can not only fix it up but can give you the best service that’s worth your time and money. If you’re going to hire others, why not go for the top of the bunch?

Well, it just so happened that Atlas Door Repair is exactly what you’re looking for.

Commercial Door Repair Chandler AZ

As a leading company when it comes to commercial door repairs, installations, and replacement parts, Atlas Door Repair has indeed a catalog of door services to accommodate your needs. Need to fix a couple of hinges and knobs?

We’ve got plenty of designs and products to choose from. Tired of hearing the annoying noises your door makes? Our quick commercial door replacement might just do the trick. Need your doors to be ADA compliant? Our skilled team can do the necessary measurements and do the work for you.

By the way, we’re bringing all of these excellent services right where you are, the top commercial door repair in Chandler, AZ. You just have to call our number!

We offer quality Commercial Door Repair anywhere in Chandler

For 30 years, our team at Atlas Door Repair has taken every project seriously. Whether it’s a simple storefront door or huge overhead doors on commercial garages, we’ve treated each of our crafts with dedication, quality, and efficiency. We give our clients the best customer experience when it comes to working with us, guiding them with the right kind of doors and accurate recommendations. All there’s left is you!

You can choose to hire Atlas Door Repair for any of our offered services, and we’ll send out our team for you ASAP.

Commercial Door Repair Chandler, AZ

Know it or not, doors are an essential part of your commercial building. Not only is it the subject of first impressions, but it’s also the main source of security and protects your interior from harm. So, when the hinges break or the edges gets jammed, that’s totally not a good sign. A band-aid fix might stop it for a bit, but what’s a little more investment to last in the long run?

Atlas Door Repair is one of the most trusted commercial door repair contractors out there, so rest assured that you’ll be leaving your valuables in safe hands. Our dedicated team has been trained up to our quality standards, and our products and equipment upgraded to the highest caliber. Choose us, and we’ll take on any door repair: glass doors, wooden doors, garage doors, storefront doors, automatic doors – name it, we’ll fix it in no time.

Automatic Door Repair

Our trained team also has the skills to repair mechanically advanced sensors and locks, which almost all huge commercial property owners now have. Rest assured that we have the right resources and materials to get your automatic doors up and running as soon as possible – can’t have an unmoving door, can’t we? Don’t worry, Atlas Door Repair has 24/7 emergency services. Just in case.

Storefront Door Repair

Finding yourself in front of a barely movable door that’s making screeching noises everywhere might hurt your operations more than you think. We keep the entire transaction simple and straightforward – who would want to leave their stores in the wide open for a long time? Our commitment to quick, efficient services is things we take to heart; while also making sure you end up with your desired door that’ll last for years!

Handicap Door Opener

Being ADA-compliant is an important factor when it comes to commercial doors, and we at Atlas Door Repair ensure our clients that the doors that our hands’ touch will always comply with the rules of the area – of Chandler AZ. Apart from that, we have extra parts and door features that can also be of help when having handicap entrances, such as quality handicap door openers.

Commercial Door Installation

If you ever need to start from scratch, planning on a whole renovation to change the entire look and functionality of your door, then Atlas Door Repair is at your service. We offer around-the-clock, same-day installation services for every kind of door.

All you need to do is call our number, book an appointment from our team, and wait ’til we get there and do the magic (not literally). We bring all our staff and equipment in one trip to make the work easy and efficient.

Commercial Door Replacement

Aesthetic? Functionality? Sturdiness? Atlas Door Repair has an abundant choice of doors that our clients can choose from. Our supplies are guaranteed commercial-grade and can withstand long periods of weathering, aging, and other exterior traffic. Sliding, revolving, automatic, wood, glass, metal, overhead, fire-rated doors – at this point, it’s up to your imagination on how you want your doors to be customized. Leave the rest of the work to us.

Commercial Door Repair Chandler AZ

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Atlas Door Repair isn’t the number one commercial door repair in Chandler, AZ for nothing. Throughout the years, our team has constantly improved every aspect of our service, from the consistent training, picking quality products, state-of-the-art equipment, and a quick workflow that clients have been looking for the most. All that? We do it for our client’s satisfaction. It’s your door after all, so we work according to your standards.

To learn more about our door repair services, call (800) 359-3449. We’ll diagnose your doors’ issue in depth

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We’ve worked and partnered with hundreds of satisfied commercial door owners from around Chandler, AZ, so we’re more than ready to answer your calls and let our in-house team accommodate you. You can contact us for a free estimate, and Atlas Door Repair will be with you every step of the way.

So what are you waiting for? Call Atlas Door Repair today! Get your commercial door repaired today with Atlas Door Repair! Also, we are accepting job applications. Try it now and you might be the one that we are looking for to become part of our growing team.

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