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Think of it this way. Owning a broken door is like having absolutely no door at all! There’s no sense of security, no privacy, nada. And we can’t let that go on forever, right? You need to get your door fixed at some point, and what’s a better time than now when all your needs are a phone call away, Tempe?

That’s right! A little dial and the door that’s been nagging you for probably months on end will finally let you have your peace of mind after our guaranteed speedy appointment.

As people, doors offer protection from the outside world and your personal sanctuary, and any hindrance to that could result in situations that are uncomfortable at the least, and dangerous at most. A good, functioning door would not just give you a sense of security— but the ultimate assurance that you’re safe.

And for that to be possible, the door’s gotta be operational to everyone’s individual needs (even the special ones!), and convenient for everyone exiting and entering. Since it controls the flow of people coming in and out of your commercial building, it’s an integral part of your space, and we always do the effort to make it so.

Commercial Door Repair Tempe AZ

We’re Atlas Door Repair, the top door repair company in Tempe, Arizona.

We understand, and we know how crucial the little things can do to a business. We’re one ourselves! And if there’s one thing we know how to do— it’s how to please our customers, so that in turn, they can please theirs.

Makes sense? Great! We know the ins and outs of the trade, and that’s one thing you can’t get from other door companies. We assess your situation and contribute some good input on what your area specifically demands and caters to.

How? Because we’ve seen it and done it with our past clients too (which turned out to be a success, if you were wondering), and we personally can’t wait to offer you our services and help you install your dream door. Right there, and right now. At your convenience.

Atlas Door Repair is no stranger to our line of work, we can guarantee you that. For 30 years and counting, we’ve been servicing the good people of Arizona and branching out to help more door owners in need.

We try our best to accommodate our clients’ feedback and immediate needs, and we take pride in pulling through with every single one of our projects satisfied (and on both sides, of course!) We’re efficient, armed (with a fleet of mobile trucks!), professionally trained, use nothing but quality materials in the market, and seasoned door technician experts. And not to mention, competitively priced.

We do all kinds of work, and we can fix and replace most of them, like commercial door installation, commercial door repair, storefront door repair, automatic door repair, and even handicap door opener! Safe to say, we’re the fastest 24/7 service and the most extensive too!

With that said, here are some of the most popular work that we do in your commercial areas! We’ll give you a rundown.

Commercial Door Repair Tempe AZ

Commercial Door Repair

A lot of things can happen to a pretty old door, or one that was probably not installed correctly by your previous door repair company— but not to worry, we’ve got every trick in the book at our disposal. As well as technical skills and experience to make it a reality!

A door that’s not closing and opening all the way? We’ll take you to the process right away! Is the door scraping at the ground whenever you try to push or pull? Then we’ll pull the problem right away from your hands, no matter how big or small!

Commercial Door Installation

Need a brand new door for your establishment? Well, you’re in luck! We have those too! Whatever commercial door you might want or need, we’ve always got the perfect thing up in our sleeves.

So whether it’s glass doors, wooden doors, automatic doors, storefront, fire safety doors, electric doors, hollow metal, and steel doors, sliding glass doors, and industrial doors— trust that you’ll have it as soon as we finish the job! No hassle, no problem.

Automatic Door Repair

Automatic doors can be a bit problematic, especially when it’s not working the way it’s supposed to. And this is a big no-no in the commercial industry, especially if the area is particularly busy. With all the foot traffic going on, you can afford a malfunction in something as important as your door.

That’s bad for business! Don’t drive out potential clients, and just call Atlas Door Repair as soon as possible to repair your automatic doors, whether it’s stuck closed or open, or the sensor is failing to open automatically— we’ve got the answers, and it’ll be up and running in a flash!

Storefront Door Repair

First impressions last, and the same goes for your storefront door, especially in the potential customers’ eyes. What they see can make or break your business, and with an industry that’s very competitive with looks— it certainly helps to be presentable at first glance.

Doors, believe it or not, can say a lot about what lies inside the space, so a designated image can really improve the look and feel not only of the exterior but the interiors as well. And that’s what Atlas Door Repair specializes in! Functionality, and overall design. Pretty great, right?

Handicap Door Opener

Yes, ADA-Handicap Operated Doors can be fixed, replaced, and installed by Atlas Door Repair. Finally, doors are accessible to people with special needs across America.

Whether it’s for easier access in hospitals, for senior citizens in care homes, or rightfully included in public locations for the handicapped community, this inclusion is what a commercial industry needs in welcoming people. These kinds of innovative doors that Atlas Door Repair is what you need to keep your business open to all.

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With multiple options to choose from, you can never go wrong with Atlas Door Repair. Call us and schedule an appointment!

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So what are you waiting for? Get your commercial door repaired today with Atlas Door Repair! Also, we are accepting job applications. Try it now and you might be the one that we are looking for to become part of our growing team.

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