Doors might be the first thing that people lay their eyes on before entering a building, but as long as they can be used for going in and out, nothing else matters, right? Well, this might not be the case when it comes to owners of businesses and other public structures – because these doors just don’t come out of nowhere. It takes the right measurements, skills, and other guidelines stated in the ADA door regulations (known as the Americans with Disabilities Act) to build and install doors. So, if you’re just thinking about getting your own tools and fixing your door up by yourself, you might want to read through these 3 things you might not know yet about ADA Handicap Operated Doors in Chicago, for your own good.

  1. There are specific guidelines to follow

Door technicians that handle private businesses and public structures follow many ADA specifications to avoid complications with both consumers and the law, some of which are the following:

РA minimum of a 32-inch width and an 80-inch height door entryway 

– A weight that requires no more than 5 pounds of pressure to open

– Thresholds that are not higher than half an inch

– Timing the door swings towards and away the person

  1. ADA-approved doors should be in every part of the building

No part of the structure should be restricted to people with disabilities (e.g. people who use wheelchairs), so at least one ADA-approved door should be in locations such as front entrances, accessible rooms inside the building, emergency exits, and other entrances from basements, parking, etc.

  1. Buildings that are open to the general public are required

You may be reading this and own a commercial space, like stores, schools, hospitals, and apartments – they should, indeed, follow ADA guidelines, since the aim is for public accessibility among friends, colleagues, and even strangers. Even if your building is constructed before January 1992, there should still be some minor renovations to make entrances easier for the disabled.

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