Custom stuff tailored to your liking and preference are all the rage these days, especially in 2021. Shower doors are no different! After all, who wouldn’t want their very own custom glass shower doors that you won’t find in other homes? Atlas Door Repair can make your vision into a reality, one door at a time!

If you can’t find what you want in the services we offer— good news! We offer custom shower doors for our clients, who want to create their very own versions with our help! It’s no hassle, and we do appreciate a little change-up from our regular design here and there!

And while you decide what exactly you want— we rounded up some of the hottest blueprints you can use for your new custom glass shower doors that’s perfect for 2021, and the years to come!

customized shower doors

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1. Corner Glass Shower Doors

This is perfect for limited spaces, especially if you think the shower takes up too much floor space in the bathroom. A corner shower is is cool and has the right minimalistic undertones— and a smart choice too! That’s why corner glass shower doors take the top spot in our choices for bathroom remodeling trends.

2. Frosted Glass Shower Doors

This is a timeless, classy choice for any bathroom floor plan. Frosted glass shower doors are a great option for people who value security, privacy and comfort— while still keeping up with the lavish and chic appearance of this custom shower door.

3. Partial Enclosure

Partial enclosures are, right now, a very uncommon style at this time— but we have no doubt that it would catch up in the later months. Partial enclosures are designed as doors, enclosed partially, not all the way, much like the name. It’s visually pleasing, and we assure you that it’s as sturdy as all the other shower doors!

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