In this day and age, opening and closing doors with your bare hands is just an unnecessary hassle at this point, especially with a solution that’s as simple as making the door open…all by itself. These kinds of doors are in almost every commercial space where a huge volume of people come and go everyday: shopping malls, retail stores, hospitals, apartments, etc. They’re there for good reason too – the convenience of simply walking inside the building without stopping is a definite plus point from your consumers.

And yes, we are talking about the wonderful automatic doors.

Some may think that installing an automatic glass door for their buildings is just too extravagant and a complete waste of money. If you’re one of them, or maybe you just want a little push to convince yourself that having an automatic door will benefit you in the long-run, here are 4 reasons why you should be getting an automatic sliding glass door installation right here in Chicago, right now.

1. Saves Energy and Space

Who wouldn’t pass up an opportunity to get cuts from the electricity bills? Or simply getting rid of the annoying 90-degree swing of the manually opened doors that hit people 70% of the time? Modern, automatic sliding doors are proven to preserve the heat or the cold inside your building, opening and closing only when prompted, that makes them very energy efficient. Plus, the horizontal sliding of the glass could offer you more room in your entrance.

2. Has a Modern and Sleek Image

Just looking at a glass sliding door could give you a sense of elegance and overall openness of the area’s atmosphere. With a glass automatic door, people could have a clear view of the inside of the building which brings both assurance and appeal for your property. You, your customers, and every other people in the building will surely love the modern and fresh look of your commercial building.

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3. Convenient for Everyone

When the busy hours of the day come with the rush of brisk-walking people, automatic doors in Chicago is the go-to lifesaver. Not only does it avoid people waiting and colliding with one another, but it also saves more time in keeping everything moving seamlessly without worrying about a single handle.

4. Long-lasting and Easy to Repair

The material that goes into automatic sliding glass door replacement should be very sturdy and with just the right measurements for your commercial building. They can last for years without thinking about the wood chipping, or the paint fading away. You could also easily hire a reliable automatic door repair company if anything goes wrong.When it comes to door problems, a-door-able readers— our professional experts at Atlas Door Repairs are only one call away from giving your customer, patients, patrons— the door experience of a lifetime. Contact us at 1-800-359-3449. We’re happy to help.

Now that you’re all set and convinced that an automatic door is exactly what you need for your business, the real question pops up: how are you going to do that? After all that, are we just going to leave you hanging?

Atlas Door Repair won’t allow that, anyway. Automatic doors deserved to be installed with only the highest quality and utmost safety for easy glass sliding door maintenance – something that we’ve been doing for the past years everywhere in Chicago. So, keep that energy of wanting that automatic door in Chicago and don’t hesitate to call the number now.