If you’re aiming to go classy and modern, then an automatic door installation will definitely do the trick. But as easy as it is to slip across the sliding doors, setting them up from scratch will require immense skills and experience. It’s important to know who exactly is going to replace that door for you, because who’d want an amateur to install something as complex and intricate as an automatic door?

Maybe browsing through their website might help, but here are 5 factors to watch out for to know what to look for in a trusted door repair company.

1. Price offers

Your budget is one of the first things to consider before getting an automatic door replacement. Try comparing different companies and find out the rates that they offer, while making sure that they don’t compromise their quality of service. Automatic doors come in a range of different sizes and types, so there’s bound to be the perfect one that fits your budget and be the perfect match for your building.

2. Reliability

When you hire an automatic door installation contractor, then they should be able to follow according to plan; each step of their task should match the deadlines set and must be convenient for the client. If you think they couldn’t get your automatic door up and running in the desired time, then it’s better to switch to someone with a 24-hour service and is able to accomplish the job while taking into account what your personal preferences.

3. Experience

Is the company already years in the industry? Do they have official certifications? What types of door have they worked on? These are important guide questions that will ensure that you replacement automatic doors are in good hands. Automatic doors are no joke – the company should have highly trained professionals to handle automatic door installation and gives you warranties as well.

4. Reputation

Reviews and ratings are good measures in examining company reputation. Your chosen company should have positive reviews in their website or any other platform. If there’s not even a trace of a single review or rating anywhere, then they might not be cut out to replace your doors.

Scrolling through their websites and even asking for recommendations will also help determine if the end result will be up to par with your standards, and maybe even peek at their automatic door repair services, for future references.

5. Customer service

Hiring a company also means that you will also be hands-on in the decision-making process. Making your call and the staff interacting with you intimidatingly, not addressing your needs and giving you a hard time, is the sign to switch to a more customer-friendly company.

The technician should be able to consult with you in a transparent manner, accurately giving you the correct measurements and guiding you to the most efficient automatic door choices.

This is where Atlas Door Repair comes in – for years, we’ve been striving to achieve an affordable, efficient, and flexible automatic door replacement service in Chicago. We take all of these factors in consideration as we constantly innovate and improve our services to cater to the needs of our clients, extending even to places near Chicago.

If you’re in need of a quick automatic door repair company right now, then don’t hesitate to call on our number (800) 359-3449 and we’ll be the perfect automatic door installation company for you.