Sometimes, doors can prove to be a drag, especially the manually-opened ones. It gets tiring sometimes, having to open and close them every time you have to go through one. It is especially troublesome in an industrial and commercial setting, a place where people come and go very often. Imagine how tedious it gets. This is exactly why automatic doors are great. Automatic doors are wide as to provide passage for a group of people at once, most often clear and see-through, and you are alleviated of the worry of having to open a huge, heavy door.

Automatic doors are a hassle-free type of door that not only lets you enter in groups without the need of having to open and close a multi-person door, but also makes accessibility easier ten-fold. Atlas Door Repair encourages the installation of automatic doors, especially here in Chicago because of the many benefits it offers. If my initial explanation was not enough to sway you, then here’s a more detailed version.

Here are 6 of the many benefits of owning an automatic door:

1. Customers Love It

If you are a business owner, then you should know that customers love having the convenience of not actually having to touch a door for them to enter. It’s easier for them, especially if your business has customers carrying bags of goods in both hands. In this case, they would be having a lot of problems if your exit were a regular door. This applies to pretty much any businesses out there. If there was a key word you had to keep in mind when it comes to deciding how you want your customers to come and go it is: Customers love automatic doors. This will definitely make them come back to your place another day and who knows, they might even bring a couple of friends.

2. Traffic Flow is Better

Imagine having a regular door during your busy hours. People literally have to line up just to get into your shop! If I had to get in line just to enter a store, I’d look someplace else. Even if your retail store is not hugely popular, wait until the holidays and you will have massive number of people outside your door. Taking this into consideration, you are going to need something that gets them all in at once. An automatic door, in this situation, will send them pouring into your store, ready to empty the shelves for the holiday spirits while you sit there and watch, patting yourself on the back for getting that automatic door installed a few days prior.

3. It Allows Customers to See Within

Yeah, you can get some really cool looking grilles, but who doesn’t love a clear, transparent automatic door? With this, everyone can clearly see what’s going on in your business and doesn’t have to consult the shop next to yours to know what you have in stock. It frees customers of that hassle, and provides them a window where they can peek in to see if they have what they want. Most customers just walk by if they are not sure if the thing they are looking for is in a shop they don’t know or not. Advertise your merchandise by showing it off to the world via some automatic glass doors!

4. It Keeps the Things Within Within, and the Thing Outside Outside

Don’t you just hate it when people leave the door open? If you are a business owner with a shop near the streets, then you know how aggravating this can get. It is especially annoying when the air conditioning is turned on and it allows the heat to migrate inside. It wastes energy, a lot of energy that sooner or later ends up in your paycheck. Let’s not even get started on the cats and raccoons that run in, dig up your trash, and run out, scaring some of your customers. Automatic doors eliminate this problem by closing itself once your valued customers are inside or out. It guarantees that whatever is inside your shop is inside, and whatever is outside stays outside. Say goodbye to the days of raccoon invasion!

5. Highly Convenient

Other than small businesses, many other institutions benefit from having the convenience of an automatic door. Supermarkets are among them. Imagine having to load supplies box by box into a shopping mall all because they only had a small door? Let us not forget about hospitals. Imagine having to manually open a door of a hospital when doctors are rushing injured patients into the ER? It’s awkward, laborious, and extremely time consuming. With automatic doors, these can be done all at once without having to bother actually opening anything. It has the potential to save a lot of time, and a lot of lives.

6. Handicap Friendly

Now, some people may think that the implementation of automatic doors promotes laziness in people, but laziness and convenience are two different things. It is especially useful for people with disabilities as it helps them get into a place without actually needing to open a door. It can become cumbersome for them depending on what type of disability they have, and considering there are almost 50 million handicapped people in America alone, automatic doors can become a life saver for them.

And there you have it—6 of the many benefits of having an automatic door installed in businesses. Do we even need to go further to convince you that automatic doors are the future of entrances and exits? Knowing all of this, I’m sure by now you want an automatic door for your own business.

Atlas Door Repair encourages you to get an automatic door yourself. They even offer to install one for you! Atlas Door Repair’s services extend to automatic door installation and automatic door replacement, especially here in Chicago. So what are you waiting for? The future of doors is in your reach, so make a move and go for it!