This year, would you like to save money?

Try doing your own door cleaning and installation for your garage. It is one of the greatest ways of spending less in the house, so for the necessities you really want, you’ll have more cash.

There are, however, appropriate ways and improper ways of managing DIY working on garage doors. If you are successful, in years to come, you’ll therefore have a door that actually works seamlessly. You can wreck your home and even put yourself at risk of harm if you ever do things the wrong way.

This guide was compiled by the professionals in Atlas Door Repair, commercial door repair in Chicago.


LESS NOISE – The sound of a noisy garage door can be quickly minimized on your own. The key is to figure out exactly what the noise is causing.

The doors will never, actually, be completely quiet. But, using certain techniques, you can lessen the noise it creates.

OPEN THE CLOSED DOORS AT HOME – When you can’t open your door, don’t be dismayed because there is a great chance that you can fix it yourself. When the situation appears to be unfamiliar and way more complicated than you expected, you can go ahead and call the local commercial door experts.

FRESH NEW COLOR – Painting doors with a new color requires no training and experience so it would definitely be the perfect way to save a few bucks. Wooden doors, if you don’t know yet, need a new stain and paint once every year for maintenance.

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DON’Ts For Maintenace of Commercial DoorTRYING TO FIX A DAMAGED SPRING – If you found damage on one of the springs on the frame, you really need to fix or replace both of them. For the door to perform effectively, the springs have to work cooperatively. You’ll get an unsteady door or one that might not move if one moves more than the other.

TRYING TO FIX DAMAGED ROLLERS – To make doors work nicely, your garage door has rollers. You can no longer be able to open the door readily (or at all) if a roller gets damage and eventually breakdown.

FIXING THE BENT TRACK – The “TRACK” keeps the garage door moving along its right path, so that it can properly open and close. The door will no longer open as it should, if that track gets twisted.

DAMAGED CABLES – For the door to operate, cables, like coils, carry a lot of pressure. When a cable hits you with full force, repairing a broken cable on your own will result in death or injury. Professionals understand how to repair garage door cables safely and prevent injuries.

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