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The BEST Types of Materials


Steel DoorDue to their degree of robustness and density, doors made of steel offer a high level of protection and performance. Also known as one of the most prevalent materials in commercial doors is steel. These doors are made from metal panels wrapped around the insulation or honeycombed center. Locking devices may also be installed into these doors to increase system security.


wood doorThis material for doors is produced using a plywood strip of wood veneer placed around a composite core made of durable lumber, particleboard, or mineral products that are pressed securely. These doors are usually used for industrial interior applications. This door form is not as durable as the other kinds of materials. Wood doors are indeed very vulnerable to extreme weather conditions and therefore can not withstand them.


ALUMINUM with GLASSWith their elegant, polished, and minimalist look, these doors are often used and seen in many commercial enterprises. There is little and almost no maintenance for these doors combined with glass; most of the time, minimum effort is required, commonly by just wiping and polishing are required to maintain them.



This specific commercial door has a safety mechanism for scratch-guards so that operational noise and final result wear are minimized. For the high-cycle cases, this door is ideal because it is extremely solid and sturdy. Delrin end blocks are installed in order to reduce friction.


A weather-edge door is long-lasting; it has a steel construction that is affordable. It is designed specifically to provide improved resistance to dust, air penetration, and water.


This door blends flat slats with weather seals on the guides and hood, bottom bar, and foam insulation all together seamlessly resulting in a door that provides excellent temperature and climate control.


For establishments like loading docks, warehouses, and retail storefronts, a ventilated door is often used. This offers excellent protection while ensuring ventilation and transparency. These doors are built and constructed with flat or curved slats on staggered centers (3/16′) that are perforated holes (1/8′), providing superb quality of visibility and ventilation inside the curtain.


This door provides revolutionary design, optimized efficiency, and fire safety. This model of frame, along with a mineral wool center, utilizes double slat curtain construction. For openings and thermal insulation, it provides sound control.


For infrastructures like parking garages as well as other purposes where high volume use or higher bandwidth operation is required, a high-performance grille door is ideal. This model has an improved aluminum grille curtain, a springless barrel system, and a guide mechanism of high-tech hinged steel. Isolation mounts are used in order to lessen operating vibration and noise.

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