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Because technology is becoming such a major part of our lives, they make our lives easier or, basically effortless. Literally, everywhere you go, there is bound to have technology, take for instance malls. Technology in malls can be the air conditioning systems, the lighting or their entrance and exits. Most malls and other facilities prefer electric doors, and that’s exactly what we will be discussing.

Electric doors are everywhere, and I’m sure you’ve entered or exited using one. Electric doors are also referred to as “electric retractable doors” or “electric folding door”. Electric doors are divided into electromechanical integration type according to “electric”. Intelligent integration type is the type that only updates the electric body.

Electric doors have a lot of functions and abundant in features:

  1. There are manual and automatic control systems in terms of use and control, which can be of use for the user if he/she will use for opening and closing commercial doors.
  2. Electric doors are convenient since they make use of technology and requires no effort to open or close them. Instead of pushing or pulling just to enter and exit a facility, only the click of a remote control can save the energy doing all of that.
  3. Electric doors are safe and reliable. When the door is closed, the door is most likely anti-blocking. The air sense safety side rebound function or the infrared sensor function. Just make sure that the wiring would not cause any electric-related accidents, and it is secure so that it would last. Reliability would be one of the best features of an electric door.

Electric vs Automatic Doors

Electric doors are often mistaken for automatic doors, but there is a clear line that makes their differences clear. The automatic door is a control unit that moves and closes when a person is no longer sensed. An electric door opens and closes, not through the use of a sensor, but a remote. It doesn’t close and open automatically, rather it leans on manual control.

To install an electric door, you’ll have to let professionals do the work, since those with no experience can cause an accident. Pros can finish the installation process in few hours and for a small amount.

Know More About Electric Doors

Electric doors are also need to be maintained more in comparison to manual ones. Although they are supposed to be water resistant, they can get corroded when exposed to non-water chemicals that are most likely found in the rain. Wipe them with soap water and keep them well-lubricated all the time to increase their efficiency and their life span.

Because of the use of a remote control, electric doors have far easier control. Typically, electric doors should have a locking mechanism and it would be useful when an accident happens.

Electric doors do cost a bit of money; however, it would be useful to you in many ways. They should last long and they are a perfect choice if you’re considering to install a commercial door. Your customers and, certainly, you will love it.

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In dealing with these problems and to prevent your door from further damage, it is imperative for you to consult a door professional that you can trust and provide excellent service to fix the damages and repair in the highest possible capability and standards. This is where our Atlas Door Repair Technicians come in in the picture as we are serving the midwest for over 30 years with our most professional door services.


Customer Testimonials

My fiancée James came home to a shattered balcony door and was able to call Atlas and they were able to arrive within the hour to clean up all the broken glass. Rick and Roman did an excellent job of taking down and cleaning all the broken glass. They were able to explain to him the repair process and what needed to be done. Can’t thank them enough for making a stressful time a little more manageable. We know are confident with Atlas to get this taken care of! Top notch!

We had our door slamming and called to get a quote. They gave us a couple ideas about cost with no pressure and we decided to use them. technician was nice, and cleaned up after he left. overall the experience was pleasant. I would definitely recommend them.
Atlas Door was great. Their personnel were on time, polite and efficient. Our glass front door had been smashed and they went right to work cleaning up the broken glass and replacing the pane. I would recommend your service to anyone.
I feared that installing a new garage door was going to be a huge hassle. Atlas Door Company was very courteous on the phone and prompt in arriving. The installation went very smoothly and their prices were very competitive. I will recommend them to all my friends!
Very highly recommended! especially if you have more than one door to repair. I had estimates from THREE different companies for a garage door, a sliding glass door and a door closer at my business, Atlas came out and fixed ALL of them the same trip, probably saved me $400! Atlas Door gave me great service with an awesome price. I’ll use them from now on and so will my family and friends.
It was one of the busiest days that we had ever had and the door locks were sticking half open and half closed. I had very little time to deal with this as I was six employees short and the place was packed. An employee said that she had dealt with a great company called Atlas Door Repair and that they were very good. I trusted her to take care of it and a little time passed. I went up front after a bit to check what was going on and the doors were fixed. She said that she had called them, they came out and all the locks needed was a little oil and that there wasn’t even a charge. These guys are great.
I was overwhelmed by the ability of the technician that came to my office. I thought it was going to take a lifetime to repair the damage to our office door and it was over in no time, this is a company I would recommend to anyone and everyone.
We needed are automatic door for our hardware store repaired. I called another company who referred me to Atlas. after reading the reviews I decided to ask what that was about. they told me they have a branch in Tempe, we’re happy to provide address. and were surprised to hear about the review. So I decided to try their services for myself since I still need my door fixed. when the technician arrived, he was driving well stocked service truck with Atlas name plastered all over it. He was also clean cut and wore a uniform.
I cannot stress enough how perfect this company was when they came to my business. I thought I had a several thousand dollar repair on my hands and Atlas Door Repair fixed the issue for less than $300. Awesome job guys.

Our doors at our office were intaking water during storms. Atlas sent out the most knowledge technician (Dave?) who made a case on:

– Why we should put rain covers over our doors

– Where rain was potentially coming into via the doors

– Multiple solutions to solving the oncoming rain into the facility

– Completed the job on 6 doors in under an hour. 12 out of 10 would recommend Atlas Door Repair. Door repaired photo1

Atlas came out to look at a very sticky door and had it fixed in 30 minutes, for FAR less than another company had quoted us. They were friendly and efficient. They offered several solutions but never tried to hard sell the most expensive option. For future needs, I will call Atlas!

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