Doors come in different shapes and sizes – in small stores or big hospital buildings – so repairs aren’t one-size-fits-all’s. In the case of commercial doors, new technologies allowed them to become more beneficial to commercial property owners, far more than great aesthetics and huge entryways. If you’re in the look-out for the latest commercial door repair solutions to improve the value of your properties, then you’re on the right track.

Commercial Door Repair Solutions

1. Use overhead doors for easy access

For business owners that have secure and quick operations, overhead doors are definitely for you. Instead of heavy doors and rusty hinges that are easily worn-down, you can simply pull down the durable metal to have access to your place.

2. Fire rated doors for protection

Wooden doors, although they offer beautiful designs and variety, aren’t safe from eventual commercial door repairs in events such as fires. Thankfully, the fire rated type allows you to be protected if your business makes use of combustible materials and has its own share of different styles.

3. Scissor gates for light security

Nothing beats another layer of security and protection, even in small commercial spaces such as small shops and stores. To easily avoid physical damages to your store, scissor gates offer a variety of functionalities while keeping your store safe. Plus, they’re great for small spaces and very light to use.

4. Fiberglass doors for added energy efficiency

As commercial doors are readily exposed with elements on the outside, they are prone to immediate repair due to weathering and easy breaking. Doors made of fiberglass are built with heat-conserving materials that help keep people warm and save up on your bills at the same time.

5. Aluminum doors for easy maintenance

Part of door repairs are paint chipping and staining – things that aluminum door owners can’t relate to. Aside from being extremely easy to maintain, they have a very sleek appearance and can last for years.

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