Door Repair in MilwaukeeThe winter weather is no secret to those living in Milwaukee, we’re all used to it by now. But unlike us, the doors take a toll on this extreme weather, plus the heating bill will increase – this is an aspect that most forget. Contrary to what others believe, this can lead to bigger problems. Some areas of automatic and sliding doors are surely going to be affected. What more for regular doors, if the weather penetrates your home your heating bill will spike up. Lucky you, because you can leave your worries to us, we are going to help you. Milwaukee Wisconsin door repair services by Atlas Door Repair is here right now and ready to serve you.

Atlas Door Repair has supported not only resident home and commercial business owners with their usual automatic door needs for more than 30 years, still counting. We can handle every problem you throw at us- from retail store entrances, sliding patio doors, to hollow metal doors for properties. Believe it or not, with our well-stocked service trucks, we can solve and fix your door problems in one visit.

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To further understand what cold weather can do to your door, continue reading.

Look for signs of warping and shrinking

Usually unbeknownst to the owner, both the cold and humidity can weaken and compromise the condition of your doors. So be on the look out for this one.

Check-up in the hardware

Latches, hinges, handles and other elements that make your door function properly can be affected by the cold weather too. Although some parts are small and seem irrelevant, it is advised to observe all elements of your doors to ensure minimal damage and solve problems before they become bigger.

Ice Formations and Cracking

Hot to cold, cold to hot, this continuous changing of the environment will eventually give your doors and windows cracks. For formations of ice, this can make opening and closing doors very difficult, and if the force is too much it might cause damage.

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Taking care of your doors, here are the tips:

Door SealingSEALING

Sealing will help prevent cold air from entering the vicinity of your house. Also, the gaps on your doors will be filled and covered preventing any damages. Plus, it helps with the sound proofing.

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Door InsulatingINSULATING

This works best especially with sliding doors. The gaps will be covered, thus cold air won’t enter and hot air won’t come out. Maintaining a certain level of humidity will be good for the door.

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Due to warping, some hinges or screws may come loose causing cold air going in your room. This is a good preventive measure before the weather starts getting cold. It is important to do this manually and not using a drill. Using your own hands gives you full control on screwdrivers.

If all things get worse do not panic because Atlas Door Repair is here to help. Call our team directly or set an appointment through our website and social media accounts.

In all 30 years of our service, there have been no doors that we couldn’t fix. No door is impossible for us. Call us today at (800) 359-3449!