Whether you’re a business owner, a healthcare institution, a fast-food chain manager, or any public edifice— you gotta welcome all types of people with open arms. You have to make it accessible for everyone to come to you.

And while opening a door might seem like a piece of cake, not everyone shares the same sentiments. Not all of your clienteles have the capability to do so either, especially for the handicapped.

So, what do we do? Simple.

We make it easy for them. We make it convenient for the people. That’s why there’s a need to specialize our doors. For the utility of everyone. And by everyone, we mean every single person that walks through your doors.

Point made? So how can we make it possible? We’ll answer that in a little while. For the meantime, here’s another thing we need to give some serious thought to.

Let’s face it— no one wants to share a door handle with who knows who. Especially communal comfort rooms. That’s the worst.

We grip the door.

It’s filled with germs and viruses. We then proceed to touch our food, our face, mouth. Yes, yikes, indeed.

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And what makes it worse? The fact that we have no other option but to touch it anyway. You do have to get out of there sometime in the near future.

Which begs the question, in a constantly advancing world, why do we have to live like this?

The good news is that— we don’t! Thanks to technology, Atlas Door Repair can give you the option of installing a swing door with a touch-free mechanism. All you have to do is send a little wave at the sensor beside it and… voilà! The door opens! It’s sanitary, non-restrictive, and readily accessible to the public.

When it comes to door problems, a-door-able readers— our professional experts at Atlas Door Repairs are only one call away from giving your customer, patients, patrons— the door experience of a lifetime. Contact us at 1-800-359-3449. We’re happy to help.