shower doorsIt’s the year 2021, and we’re all absolutely past the stage of abominable shower curtains and how it sticks to our skin when wet. And, not to mention, they’re a hassle to put back off and on. That’s exactly why they’re out of season, now that customizable shower doors are in, for the better part of the century. And the better news is— they’ll also last at least a lifetime. (About 50 years, actually!)

Shower door installation isn’t just a trend the popular celebrities have in their homes. It’s a great addition to yours too! Not just aesthetically, but it’s also a practicality. And the smarter choice for this year.

But not all shower doors are made equal. We’ve rounded out the hits and misses for the new designs— and we’ll share the best picks for this year, and the following years!

Frameless Shower Door

This, by far, has been the most popular design ever since shower doors rolled out. Frameless shower doors are sleek, elegant— and advanced enough for it to be as safe and stable as framed doors. (Way cooler, too!) Even better, Atlas Door Repair installs it with the best technique for seamlessness and safety that can last you for literal decades. Awesome, right?

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Bifold Shower Door

This next one is a great option for when you have a little more space to work with. After all, stepping into a good shower is like stepping on a whole new world. And the least you could do for a newly renovated shower is— you got it, double doors! It’s chic, stylish, and very, very fitting if you want to go all-out with the experience.

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Curved Glass Shower Door

If you’ve got limited spaces— we’ve got you buddy! Curved glass shower door installation is simply the perfect choice for saving floor space, without compromising the feel of the bathrooms!

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