Need Shower Door Repair & Installation in Naperville, Joliet, Chicago, Aurora & Other Surrounding Counties?

For lazy curtain shower users (or those who’ve had one), let’s face the truth of the matter here: we hate needing to wash our curtains every single month, or buying a new one whenever it starts to look ‘moldy’. Detaching the rings, inserting it in every single hole, attaching it to the pole, removing it again after a month – rinse, repeat. And don’t get us started on the plastic sheets that cling to our freshly cleaned bodies. Urgh.

Sometime soon, you’re gonna have to give up and replace those easily worn-down, annoying shower curtains and upgrade to today’s trend – glass shower doors. Naperville has tons of ’em, so getting one isn’t going to be a problem for you.

You must be wondering, ‘why glass bathroom shower door?’.

But let’s put it this way: why not?

Why not choose to have something sturdy that keeps you protected while taking a relaxing, steamy bath? Why not install a door that lasts as long as your residential home? Why not have frameless & custom shower doors to put a little flair in your bathroom for you and for your visitors? Why not have it at this moment, in your home in the northern portion of Naperville in DuPage County or the southern portion in Will County.

You wouldn’t think that glass shower enclosures are versatile, but trust us, they are. It can go with any corner of the shower room, have frameless edges, sliding doors, clear, mirrored, or frosted surfaces, and can even have cute designs etched in your glass doors. All of it will be freely up to you, with a little guidance from the glass shower door company that you choose to help you with (getting to that later). Read our Glass Shower Door page here for more information.

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    custom shower doors

    Modern Look

    Nothing else is going to give you that chic,modern look in your bathroom, and you wouldn’t have to feel so stuffed and devoid of air while taking the peaceful shower that you deserve.

    Sounds nice, though it’s not magically spoofing itself to reality, unless you’re a team handled by industry managers and AAADM-certified staff trained to install and fix shower doors in Plainfield, Naperville, Joliet, Aurora, & Chicago for 30 years (that us!).

    That is to say, we’re here. That’s our specialty, and nothing is more important to us than serving our clients near Chicago and Naperville with the best custom glass shower doors.

    Shower Door Replacement & Installation

    We install and replace all sorts of glass doors, from revolving doors you see at the mall to something as simple as patio doors. Been there, done that.

    Whether it be for the simple homeowners in the city, business managers in office buildings, or bigger industrial clients, no one is singled out. Customized shower doors are for everyone!

    There’s only one thing left for you, our dear reader in need of a shower room renovation, to do: see that shimmering phone number that’s waiting to be called? Or that form that essentially gives you a FREE estimate, so you know exactly what you’re getting? Those are the keys for your glass doors, friend. Give us a call now – we’ve got you covered (with glass).


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    • Sculpted & Decorative Shower Doors
    • Grind Designs Shower Doors
    • Fluerco Shower Doors
    • Wet Rooms Shower Doors
    • Semi-frameless Shower Doors
    • Single Sliding Shower Doors
    • Reversible Shower Doors
    • Hinged Shower Doors
    • Framed Shower Doors
    • Bifold Shower Doors
    • Pivot Shower Doors
    • Sliding Bathub Doors
    • Shower Door Installation
    • Replace Glass Shower Doors
    • Door & Panel Shower Doors
    • Corner Shower
    • Custom Glass Shower Doors
    • Neo Angle Showers
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    • Metro Sliding Shower Doors
    • ByPass Sliding Doors
    • Shower Glass Panel
    • Inline Glass Shower Door
    • Fixed Shower Panel With Rolling Door
    • Glass Shower Enclosure
    • Frameless Glass Shower Door
    • Shower Glass Coating
    • Custom Glass Shower Door
    • Classic Shower Doors
    • Glazing Shower Doors


    VERY fast and professional, door was working the same day I called!

    We had our door slamming and called to get a quote. They gave us a couple ideas about cost with no pressure and we decided to use them. technician was nice, and cleaned up after he left. overall the experience was pleasant. I would definitely recommend them.
    Atlas Door was great. Their personnel were on time, polite and efficient. Our glass front door had been smashed and they went right to work cleaning up the broken glass and replacing the pane. I would recommend your service to anyone.
    I feared that installing a new garage door was going to be a huge hassle. Atlas Door Company was very courteous on the phone and prompt in arriving. The installation went very smoothly and their prices were very competitive. I will recommend them to all my friends!
    Very highly recommended! especially if you have more than one door to repair. I had estimates from THREE different companies for a garage door, a sliding glass door and a door closer at my business, Atlas came out and fixed ALL of them the same trip, probably saved me $400! Atlas Door gave me great service with an awesome price. I’ll use them from now on and so will my family and friends.
    It was one of the busiest days that we had ever had and the door locks were sticking half open and half closed. I had very little time to deal with this as I was six employees short and the place was packed. An employee said that she had dealt with a great company called Atlas Door Repair and that they were very good. I trusted her to take care of it and a little time passed. I went up front after a bit to check what was going on and the doors were fixed. She said that she had called them, they came out and all the locks needed was a little oil and that there wasn’t even a charge. These guys are great.
    I was overwhelmed by the ability of the technician that came to my office. I thought it was going to take a lifetime to repair the damage to our office door and it was over in no time, this is a company I would recommend to anyone and everyone.
    We needed are automatic door for our hardware store repaired. I called another company who referred me to Atlas. after reading the reviews I decided to ask what that was about. they told me they have a branch in Tempe, we’re happy to provide address. and were surprised to hear about the review. So I decided to try their services for myself since I still need my door fixed. when the technician arrived, he was driving well stocked service truck with Atlas name plastered all over it. He was also clean cut and wore a uniform.
    I cannot stress enough how perfect this company was when they came to my business. I thought I had a several thousand dollar repair on my hands and Atlas Door Repair fixed the issue for less than $300. Awesome job guys.


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    23900 W Industrial Dr suite #1
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