custom shower doorsThere things that your local door contractors tend to forget telling you when it comes to your newly installed shower doors. There are misconceptions that exist that experts want to clarify to avoid unwanted incidents. So we at Atlas Door Repair – the best door replacement, door repair, and door installation company in the localities of Chicago – made a list for all customers that have a shower door and customers that are planning to have a custom shower door.


Installing enclosures such as shower doors, are designed to only avoid water leaking outside the shower area, under regular shower conditions, even when installed with the most professional of hands. Expect that there will be no water finding their way out of the shower area from time to time. Purposely or not, direct shower sprays are not your regular showering conditions thus, causing leaks.

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It shouldn’t be used as a grab handle. Your weight won’t be supported by the handlebar. DO NOT try to hang, or stand on it. If too much force is applied to it it would not only snap but also break the seal of your door track and it would cause more danger. It is important to be very careful when kids are around because they tend to hand on things, which is a very common mistake. it is made for cloth and towels so if that’s the only thing putting force on your handlebars then there will be no problem at all.

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Currently, in the market, there are some powerful cleaners available and being sold. The metal or glass of your custom shower door can be scarred by abrasive or acid-based cleaners. It most likely won’t happen with a single swipe but it is safer to use suitable types of cleaners all the time. Don’t wait for your doors or bathrooms to be extremely moldy or dirty before cleaning them, forcing you to use strong chemicals in doing so. Clean regularly and perform proper maintenance.

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Most owners wait for months to clean their shower doors and then express concern that they couldn’t get their shower doors clean from water spots, mold, or any other nasty stuff. All that depends on how you perform your maintenance. For better results, after showering or simply splattering a bit of water in the shower, we suggest that your custom made shower doors be washed with a squeegee or towel.

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custom shower doors


Some individuals are naturally strong physically, some are destructive even. This action may shatter the glass or break the vinyl and/or silicone seal when you use unreasonable force whenever opening or closing your shower door. The efficient operation of the shower doors is that whether closing or opening does not let go of the handle unless it is completely close or open. Your shower doors are not indestructible, putting extra care every time you use it is not too much to ask.

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