Automatic doors are popular for commercial buildings, but they are pretty expensive to install and maintain. This is why if you have an automatic door installed, you should maintain them properly in order to reduce the repairs needed during the entire time. Here are some door maintenance tips that you should do for your commercial automatic doors:

Keep the Water Out

Firstly, automatic doors require electricity to function, so the most obvious way to prevent these doors from breaking is to prevent water from entering any of the seals. If your automatic doors are facing outdoors, then you should regularly check for areas where water could enter.

Monitor the Sensors and Electronic Parts of the Door

The main selling part of automatic doors is their sensors. After all, these are what make these doors automatic. This is why, every night, you should do a regular check on the sensors of your automatic doors and make sure that they are still calibrated properly.

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Grease the Doors Regularly

Automatic doors also need to be greased from time to time so that the sliders would not get damaged from overuse. If not greased properly, the friction between the sliders would be the reason why your repair bills for automatic doors would be extremely high.

Check for Cracks and Damages

Regular maintenance is necessary for your automatic doors, but you yourself should check the doors for any cracks or dents. This may be a sign of something faulty happening inside, so you should call your automatic door repair company immediately to prevent further damage.

Keep the Doors Clean

Lastly, you should make sure that your doors are always sparkly clean. Nothing is better than a clean automatic door, and this is done by regularly cleaning the glass and slides of the door. Plus, with regular cleaning, you can easily spot cracks or dents that may not have been noticed before.

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