Commercial door repair and installation services are popular in a lot of commercial areas in Jacksonville, FL, and there are several companies in the area that offer these services. However, not all of these companies are legit, and some might even leave you with a door that is worse than before you had it fixed.
In order to avoid being scammed by these shady commercial door repair companies in Jacksonville, FL, here are some things you should consider first:

Do a background check on the company

The very first thing you should do is research the company you plan to hire. Big-time companies usually have their own websites, and you can find all the information you need there.

However, just because that company is on top of the Google search list, does not mean that their company is safe and legit.

Try to research if they also have pages or accounts on other social media platforms, and there you can see their latest updates and activities from other clients. After all, the internet is already in our hands. Why not make the best out of it?

Look for reviews from past clients

Other than doing research on the company’s website, you should also ask around for testimonials from their past clients. Usually, they are displayed on the company’s website, but it’s also better if you could personally talk to other clients as well. If they’re even located nearby, you could personally visit them so you could check the quality of their commercial door repair, rather than simply rely on the picture they have.

That way, you can assure that this company is not only legit but also offers quality services at the best prices in the area.

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Inquire about the services they offer

Door Repair Company in Jacksonville, FL

Now that you’ve confirmed that these companies have decent backgrounds, it’s time to research the different services a company offers. Commercial door repair companies usually offer other services that are related to that, such as residential door repair, installation, and replacement services.

Find out the different kinds of doors that this company handles, and research about their past services on the type of door that is most similar to you. Then, compare their prices with other companies around Jacksonville, Florida as well. If their prices are too high or way below the average, then there’s definitely something fishy going on.

Check for certifications

Lastly, before you decide to hire the company, check for their certifications. A legitimate commercial door repair company would proudly display their different awards and certifications, but these can also be falsified easily on the internet. Make sure to include this in your background check on a company.

Plus, it also helps if you know how long a company has been in service, so you would know if their repairmen are relatively new to the job or already have years of experience in the field.

If you keep this information in mind, then you will definitely be safe from being ripped off by shady companies.

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