Doors play a major role in a commercial establishment. They provide customers their first impressions of the building, and they serve as entryways and exits. That is why these doors must be kept well-maintained and fully functioning at all times.

Whether you only have one door for a small establishment or have several doors for a large building, here are some of the commercial door mistakes that you should avoid in order not to lose money for maintenance:

Not fixing the tracks

The tracks are very important in sliding commercial doors. If they are left unchecked for too long, rusting or some buildup of dirt could form between those tracks, making it more difficult to slide the door open and shut.

Therefore, it’s also important to check these parts when doing a regular maintenance check.

Ignoring the squeaky hinges

Even though stainless steel is often used for door hinges, other types could be prone to rust, and this could eventually detach the door from the doorframe if not replaced immediately.

Also, make sure to check if all the screws are properly installed, so you wouldn’t have a large door falling to your face!

Slamming the doors too hard

There are some people that slam the doors too hard when they are closing them, and even if you are using heavy-duty commercial doors, this habit could still shorten the door’s lifespan. Although this is more of a habit rather than a maintenance technique, being gentle on the door would certainly prolong its lifetime, thus saving you more money.

Lack of regular cleaning

It’s important to include your doors on your regular cleaning schedule, especially if you are using glass doors. Depending on where these doors are placed, they can be exposed to all types of elements from the environment, thus accumulating a lot of dust in the long run. If you notice that your glass doors aren’t as transparent anymore, then you should get cleaning immediately. Otherwise, you’ll be forced to pay a lot of money to replace the commercial door entirely.

Using the wrong cleaning agents

There are different ways of cleaning your commercial doors, and this depends on what kind of material the door is made of. After all, steel doors require different cleaning agents than glass doors, and mixing them up could lead to a costly disaster.

Make sure to ask your commercial door installer first before trying to clean the doors yourself. That way, you can prolong the lifetime of these doors, as well as keep them squeaky clean.

Not hiring professional door maintenance services

Lastly, if you are still unsure of the proper cleaning and maintenance techniques for your commercial doors, then you should hire professionals from commercial door companies instead. Even though you will be spending money to pay for their services, you could actually save more money in the long run because these people are already experts in their jobs.

You can trust them to handle your doors, and they would advise you on the best solutions if these doors get damaged.

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