Having a broken door is just like… having no door at all.

When stripped of its significant features, it’s essentially just a hunk of metal (or wood… or glass or whatever it’s made out of.) When your door doesn’t function properly— it defeats the purpose of securing your space.

You get me?

At best, it can simply be an annoying inconvenience. The worst it can do— is compromise what is supposedly your foundational protection. And to be honest, that can be quite scary— considering the world we live in today. With all that’s happening today, you can’t risk anything. For your sake, as well as your loved ones.

A broken door…it just won’t do. It’s just something a person can’t live with.

So, if you too, have this problem— don’t put off fixing it any longer than it needs to be. You can get yourself into weird predicaments, or really unsafe situations. There is no in between. Well, either one isn’t really ideal, so the best thing to do is get it back in working order as soon as possible— and as skillfully as possible. (Unless you want a repeat of a door nightmare.)

There are a lot of things that can potentially go wrong with any old (or poorly-installed) doors.

(Not that we’re dissing your previous door company. But if anyone asks, if the door was installed by the client, then it was nature’s fault.)

Own a swanky hotel? Fancy a fancy revolving door?

For example, the hinges would creak squeakily, or they could even come loose (a telltale sign of this is rattling doors.) A drafty door that has formed because of weatherstripping or water damage. Broken handles that you can’t handle. The locks won’t lock. Sliding doors won’t slide. The world (of doors) has gone to chaos.

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We could only imagine the inconvenience it causes. But worry not, our door specialists are here to solve all your door problems right away. They’re friendly, reliable, and won’t slack the moment you look away. And it’ll be done before you know it— without compromising the quality of our work. Not even in the slightest.

So, for all your door problems, there is only one solution.


Atlas Door Repair has been tinkering with doors for over 30 years already— all over the Midwest. From repairing to installing, we’re the guys call. And yes, we’ve made a name for ourselves in the market, thanks to the many satisfied clients that we’ve worked with. Uh huh, we’ve got a good reputation, and most of all, we’re not just all talk. We’ll work hard to achieve the results you want, and we’ll get it right the first time. And fast.

We’ll restore your door as if it’s as good as new. That’s a promise. We’ll give you the peace of mind that you deserve. And for a competitive price that won’t rip you off? That’s a snatch.

What are you waiting for? Fix your door problems today!

Call 800-359-3449 and let us know what you need! We’d be happy to help take the burden off your shoulders.