Doors can be more than just your ordinary swinging pieces of rectangle that keep the inside of your spaces secure and make the outside a little more appealing. It may be underrated knowledge, but doors can also be (almost) entirely fireproof. Fire rated doors are most commonly found in fire exits and other secluded areas, but it could also be installed anywhere you like. Just knowing that they could withstand something as dangerous as fires should be a sign that it’s a must for every structure, but here are 4 more proofs to convince you to install fire rated doors in Chicago.

1. Provides Safety in Case of Fire

The main purpose of fire rated doors is, in case of building fires, to act as temporary barriers that trap fire in a certain areas, preventing it to spread to other places for some time and, most importantly, to give people ample time to escape. It’s certainly better to be safe than be unprepared without these kinds of doors; you can even choose between standard door ratings that could last from 20 to 90 minutes.

2. It Could Lessen Property Damage

Fire rated doors could be most beneficial in commercial buildings and public structures like offices and apartments, due to the huge volume of people going in and out every day, though they can also be used in our homes. With the help of these doors containing fire in a small area, they could be put out easier, lessening the cost of damages and giving owners a breath of relief.

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3. Made of Heavy, Sturdy Materials

Being able to withstand fire only means that the doors are made very differently from other doors. Though they are still built with combustible materials, they are mixed in (depending on the kind) with metal and gypsum elements that makes them more resistant to intense heat and heavier than ordinary doors – also, extremely long-lasting.

4. They Can Also Be Stylish

In the actual case of a fire, the doors would eventually melt and burn down, but before that, they could also be as aesthetically appealing like any other door, you know. Since they could be made with different types of materials (even some species of wood!), you may opt to customize them in any way you want so that it will fit the whole look of your house, or even your commercial building.

These kinds of doors need a lot of expertise when it comes to manufacturing and installation, since they are made entirely different from others and should leave no gaps in setting up. As a company that has been installing fire rated doors for years, Atlas Door Repair has extensive knowledge in these areas. Equipped with our ever-improving door services, highly trained technicians, and state-of-the-equipment, we are more than ready to serve you with the fire rated door installation that you deserve, with just a quick phone call.