With the growing variety of doors coming into the year, many have been installed with not-so-simple parts and mechanics that only door professionals are aware of. Imagine having to fix a broken-down electric door? Worse, maybe you don’t know whether your door has reached the point of no return. At any case, if you’re running low on time and budget, some nifty door repair tricks like these for the year might just be able to save you time before the help of a door repair company arrives.

Assess the Condition

The first step is to always examine the door. What is the problem? Where is the source that is need of a repair? Are these simple screw-ups or is it way beyond the DIY league?

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For Doors Rubbing Against the Jamb

Look for the part where the door and the jamb binds – there might be buildups of dust or paint that settled on the surface. It can usually be solved by scraping off the excess with a chisel and smoothing it with sandpaper.

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For Doors Not Opening/Closing Smoothly

The culprits are most likely the door parts filled with rust, such as the hinges and the door handles, which can be removed with a vinegar and baking soda mix. Maybe you need to tighten a couple of screws to realign some strike plates and hinges along the way.

For Broken Door Frames

It is a trickier fix as it mostly involves removing the whole door to fix the drafts and deformations. You may opt to cut parts with a blade or find fillers to overlap using a putty, depending on the problem.

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If you want to be sure that you aren’t making things worse, then it is mostly recommended to seek the help of a professional to handle your doors. Atlas Door Repair can fix way more than the typical screws and frames – any kind of door, even. So, if you think that the simple door repair tips aren’t working, then rest assured that we will put an end to those door problems. Get door repair services with a free quote today and call our team at 800-359-3449 and talk directly with our team.

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